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Frequently Asked Questions

Pricing and Service Information

Data Destruction

How much does your service cost? Trident has a minimum invoice price of $295. That price flucates depending on location, job size, and intrunsic value of the recycled material. Please contact us for a free quote.

Why is there a charge? Responsible recycling isn’t free. Electronics contain lead, mercury, and other toxins. The cost to responsibly recycle electronics far exceeds the precious metal recovery costs. At Trident, we prioritize data security and take measures to ensure that all data is securely destroyed. Companies offering free recycling often do not have the same level of data security and may put your sensitive information at risk.

What items do you accept? Our company accepts a wide variety of electronic items for recycling.

Can I drop my equipment off at your location? Commercial drop-offs are welcome by appointment only.

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